Premium Products: From Billet Wheels to Brake Rotors, Boyds Has a Product to Suit All Vehicles, Tastes and Budgets.

 Boyds Wheels designs, manufactures and markets a complete line of premium aluminum wheels and accessories for the automotive and motor cycle aftermarkets, emphasizing high quality, innovative design and unique

 The Company's product lines include: Two-piece billet wheels Known as "the original billet wheel," Boyd developed the process of machining a design into a wheel center made of a solid piece of aluminum known as billet. The structure of the metal allows for more intricate designs, higher quality finish and a larger variety of styles than traditional cast wheels. The Company currently markets 54 styles, ranging in price from $1,300 to $6,500 for a set of four. Two-piece cast wheels -The two-piece cast wheels continue to be a core portion of the Company's business. Boyds Wheels currently markets 25 styles of custom two-piece cast wheels, with 17 additional styles designed exclusively for the Japanese mar;,:et. Suggested retail price for a set of four is $700 to $1,000. The wheel centers are cast separately out of 356-prime ingot, machined for a more distinctive look and then welded into the rim, a process which allows several different styles to be created from a single mold.

 One-piece cast wheels - Recently introduced for the sport utility and European vehicle markets, one-piece wheels are produced in molds similar to that of the two-piece, except the entire wheel and rim are cast at once from 356-prime ingot. This process allows for greater load capacity making them suitable for heavier vehicles, as well as a faster production process, thereby reducing retail sales prices. The Company's suggested retail price for a set of four ranges from $600 to $1,200.

 Motorcycle wheels and accessories - Boyds' line of billet wheels and accessories and new one-piece cast wheels are targeted to the rapidly growing segment of Harley-Davidson® owners, a majority of whom modify their motor-cycles. The Company currently sells 13 styles of billet wheels, three styles of the new one-piece cast wheels and a family of billet accessory products that includes swing arms, cam covers, brake rotors, rocker boxes and other products, designed to enhance the look and styling of the wheels. Motorcycle wheels range in price from $571 to $933 per wheel.

 Custom cars and hot rods - Hot Rods by Boyd, the wholly owned subsidiary of Boyds Wheels, produces custom cars and hot rods that range in price from $85,000 to $750,000, depending on the design and scope of the project.

 Boyds Ultra Violet'" car care products - The Company's redesigned Ultra Violet car care products are currently sold through AutoZone, a leading retailer with more than 1,500 stores nationwide, as well as directly through Boyds Wheels. The Company also is exploring distribution opportunities with several other large retail chains. The premium line currently includes auto shampoo, pre-wax cleaner, paste wax, liquid wax, wheel cleaner, glass cleaner, tire shine, hand cleaner and applicator pads.

 The “Boyd Look'’ products - The Company markets a line of accessory products under "The Boyd Look" trademark. "The Boyd Look" is characterized by simplicity in style and design, as termed by the industry. "The Boyd Look" product line includes billet steering wheels, license plate frames and other billet products, intended to provide additional sales dollars at the dealer level.

The fastest growing wheel manufacture in the world emerged when legendary fabricator and designer Boyd Coddington Sr. produced the very first billet hot rod wheels called Boyd Wheels.  Today, the custom billet wheel and rims market include many different names. Most of those names started their custom billet wheel career working at Boyds Wheels.The Boyd Coddington and Boyds wheel brands have been around since 1978. Boyd Jr. and his late father, Boyd Coddington Sr, owned and operated Boyd Coddington’s Garage, which designed and built hot rods that have been featured in many publications, including Car and Driver, Autoweek, Hot Rod, Smithsonian and Forbes.

Boyd Coddington Jr. grew up in his father’s wheel factories learning every facet of wheel production using the time-tested method of the day…The hands on/ bruised knuckle method.  While the production of billet wheels was proving successful, Boyd Jr. broadened the company’s inventory with the production of a lesser expensive cast wheel line. In additional to the cast wheels, Boyd Jr. extended the company’s product offerings with the production other billet accessories for hot rod, muscle car and sport truck markets.  Boyd Jr. helped to grow Boyds Wheels into the largest custom billet wheel company in the world. By the time the company sold in 1997, Boyds Wheels was producing nearly 220,000 wheels per year. 

In 1998 the Coddington Companies were sold. Under the agreement of the sale, Boyd Sr. stayed with the company. The younger Coddington not being under the same non-competes as Boyd Sr., in 1998 launched a new brand of high-end custom wheels under the banner of Boyd Coddington Wheels.Boyd Jr. rolled out all new wheel designs using the talents of the designer Luis Tanahara and Mike Rinaldi. The Boyd Coddington launch was a new era in custom wheels by introducing a cross between traditional hot rod design elements with the larger diameter wheels as well as starting the reverse profile, and the staggered stance trend. Boyd Jr. produced the first 20-inch hot rod wheel for a hot rod and the first 24-inch sport truck wheel before a 20” inch hot rod tire existed. Boyd Jr. kept at the forefront by launching the Boyd Coddington 2-piece cast wheel line as the demands for the larger sizes grew.In the year 2000, Boyd Sr., was released from his non-compete and partnered up at the new company with Boyd Jr.  Boyd Sr. began re-assembling his crew of master craftsmen and began building hot rods again. This time around the new hot rod shop would be under the banner of Boyd Coddington’s Garage. 

In 2003, the company licensed the Boyd Coddington and Boyds Wheel Wheel brands to American Racing. Boyd Sr. continued to build hot rods, and that same year the television show American Hot Rod debuted on the Discovery Channel. Also in 2003, Boyd Jr.’s good friend and mentor Greg Weld, owner of Weld Racing Wheels offered him a position at Weld Racing as Vice President. Boyd Jr. worked for Weld Wheels up until the time of Greg Weld’s passing in 2008.After the untimely death of Boyd Sr., Boyd Jr. reacquired the Boyds Wheels brand his father had originally started so many years ago. Using the latest technology, Boyds Wheels was proud to re-design the original five spoke “Smoothie” and “Smoothie II” design that originally fueled custom the custom hot rod wheel market.Boyd Coddington Jr., has been manufacturing custom wheels for over 20 years. Continuing the legendary Coddington dedication to innovation, quality and design. That same quest for innovation, design and excellence will apply to in the manufacturing of the new AHR Alloys by Boyd Coddington.Boyd Coddington was more then just a name on a wheel, he was a hot rodding and aftermarket industry legend. He is accredited with changing not only the hot rod industry, but also, the wheel industry. The legacy carries on through Boyd Coddington Jr. allowing the innovation, quality and design to continue on. 

Boyds Wheels has a long history in the wheel business. Back in the late 70’s Boyd Coddington started building ‘true custom’ wheels for his unique hot rods when he was unable to find anything available in the aftermarket. From there it spun off into a business that forever changed the way we look at custom wheels Boyds Wheels had a complete product line that encompassed every segment of the automotive aftermarket, from 1pc, 2pc, and 3pc.


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