Boyd Coddington, was the premier designer and manufacturer of custom cars and hot rods and was the founder of Boyds Wheels, Inc. (Nasdaq:BYDS) in 1988 in response to growing demand for the Innovative wheel styles featured on cars produced by Hot Rods by Boyd. In the 35+ years since Mr. Coddington sold his first hot rod, the Boyds brand name has emerged as a quality and style leader. Boyds wheels solidified its vital Marketing relationship with the privately owned hot rod business through the acquisition of Hot Rods by Boyd in December 1996 in an all stock transaction.Today, Boyd Coddington designs, manufactures and markets a complete line of automotive and aftermarket wheels and accessories, a premium line of car care products and sportswear under it own label. 

Boyd Coddington was more then just a name on a wheel he was a hot rodding and aftermarket industry legend. He is accredited with changing not only the hot rod industry, but also, the wheel industry. The legacy carries on through Boyd Coddington Jr. allowing the innovation, quality and design to continue on. Learn more at AHR Wheels by Boyd Coddington. Boyds Wheels has a long history in the wheel business. Back in the late 70’s Boyd Coddington started building ‘true custom’ wheels for his unique hot rods when he was unable to find anything available in the aftermarket. From there it spun off into a business that forever changed the way we look at custom wheels Boyds Wheels had a complete product line that encompassed every segment of the automotive aftermarket, from 1pc, 2pc, and 3pc.


Q: Is Boyd Coddington Companies or Boyd Coddington Jr. a part of American Republic Wheels?

A: No. Neither Boyd Coddington Jr. or Boyd Coddington Companies are affiliated with American Republic Wheels. In fact, Boyd Coddington Companies competes directly against American Repubic Wheels.

Q:  Q: How do I know what wheels fit my vehicle?

A: Boyds technical department examines the following criteria to determine which wheels fit each vehicle.

  -The make, model and year of the vehicle

  -Brake, suspension and fender clearance

  -Current wheel and tire size

  -Pattern and spacing of lug bolts

  -Offset/backside setting of the wheel

  -Axle and wheel load rating


Q:  What is backspacing or Offset?

A: The offset or backspacing indicates the distance from the center of the rim of the wheel to the attaching disk part. Offset is the distance from the mounting surface of the wheel to the true centerline of the rim. The offset dictates where the centerline of the tire will be located relative to the wheel.

Q:  What is a Bolt Pattern or P.C.D.?

A: The number of bolts used to install a wheel varies from 4 to 8 depending on the vehicle model, thus the wheel to be installed should also possess the same number of hub bolt holes. P.C.D. stands for pitch circle diameter, and indicates the diameter of the circle in millimeters connecting the center of each hub bolt. Since the P.C.D. also varies according to the vehicle model, make sure a suitable one is selected.

Q: How do I clean my Wheels?

A: Since Wheels by Boyd are polished, only soap and water is needed to

clean your wheels. Do not use any chemical based cleaners as they can    damage the polish.

Q: What is the advantage of putting larger rims on my car?

A: Larger wheel size increases the cornering performance of the car. This is because the sidewall of the tire decreases as the rim size increases; therefore there is less sidewall to impede response.

Q: What is the difference between 1 and 2-piece wheels?

A: A One-piece wheel is just that, a wheel made from a single cast. Two-piecewheels are made up of a barrel and a center that are welded together.

Q What is the difference between billet and forged wheels?

A: Billet wheels are made of billet aluminum, which is a very dense and strong aluminum. Billet is only used in the center of the wheel, and a spun aluminun barrel is used. Forged billet wheels are heat treated to make the aluminum dense. Forged barrels are used on the wheels, making them stronger overallrim than billet rims.



Boyds Wheels Manufacture One and Two Piece Billet wheels

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